IN ANgels hands:

What is In Angels Hands?
In Angels hands is free photo sessions provided for any child (Newborn – 18) who have dealt with or are dealing with an illness, disorder, disease, or disability. In Angels Hands will shoot a session for these very special families who need love, hope, support, and encouragement more than ever. In Angels Hands will choose one deserving family each month and more than one if possible.  

Who is Angel?
I'm Angel Pilgrim. I am 23 years old. My birthday is February 19th. My favorite color is pink! I am in my fifth year of college working on a double major in: Business Management and Commercial Photography. I work as a babysitter for five amazing little boys. I have always loved pictures... Looking at pictures, taking pictures, getting pictures taken, etc. I started taking photography classes in October and I love it. 

Why In Angels Hands?
When I was 8 years old I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Having diabetes means that my pancreas does not give my body insulin like everyone else’s does. I have to check my blood sugar many times a day and take 8-10 insulin shots a day to keep my blood sugar regulated. In the hospital my parents constantly reminded me to "Just breathe". While every day for me might be harder than a day for a normal person I have never let diabetes get me down. The love, hope, support, and encouragement my family and friends have always given me continuously reminds me how blessed I am. I know there are many other children dealing with disease, illness, disorders, and disabilities so much worse than I will ever understand. In Angels Hands is to help show these children and their families the same love, hope, support and encouragement that I have always been shown; and to remind each of them to "Just Breathe".

Where is In Angels Hands?
            In Angels Hands is based out of the Atlanta area more specifically Gwinnett. I would love to be able to shoot outside of Georgia but I am limited as to how far I can go.

When is In Angel Hands?
            Your shoot date, time, and location will be decided once your form has been accepted.

Families who would like to book a shoot with In Angels Hands please fill out this form and email it to If you know a eligible family you can also send an email to providing as much information below as possible and a contact number for the family if possible.  

Street Address:
State / Province / Region:
Postal / Zip Code:
Diagnosis :
Date Diagnosis:
Caring Bridge Site:
Facebook Link:
Hospital where child is being treated :
Hospital Street Address :
Hospital City :
Hospital Zip Code:
Capabilities/Special Restrictions:
Mother’s Name:
Fathers name:
Siblings names and ages:

If you would like to donate to In Angels Hands please email for more information. Thank you ahead of time for your interest in helping show these families love, hope, support, and encouragement.