when I originally shot Stephen & Shelby’s proposal it was nasty & rainy outside. If you saw their proposal blog then you already knew that, but because of that, I told them I would shoot them a fall mini session. That way I knew we could get some nicely lit images & they all wouldn’t […]

Do It For Hawk! 

For my last documentary i watched 911 In Plane Sight. This documentary talks about the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, & the plane that crashed in PA. It explains that they believe all of these attacks were a conspiracy by the U.S government. They discuss how the plane was larger than the hole left in the Pentagon […]

Even though this movie was incredibly long i decided to try to watch it. I have never learned much about the holocaust coming from private school so i thought it would be good to take the time on this film. It took a few breaks to get through the three hours but i made it through the whole […]

Even though i have obviously seen Jaws many times i decided to watch it again after having a recent conversation with someone about the film. We were discussing about how almost cheesy the whole movie is. I can’t believe when i was younger i didn’t notice how bad some of the effects were, or even […]